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Top 10 Exhibited Living Ultra Contemporary Artists in 2020/21

The data delving continues, this week we will be looking at the ultra contemporary artists whose careers somehow still managed to thrive during the ongoing pandemic. This is not to belittle those whose careers perhaps (understandably) did not soar in the last year, but simply another way of observing the…

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A Summer Of Deliciously Intriguing Data.

Top 10 Stars Of Tomorrow For the height of the sweltering summer month of July, we will be delivering a weekly newsletter series that focuses on the fascinating results available to us when we place specific queries into our database. Numbers to crunch on, with your ice cream in hand.…

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Lists for years bring new discoveries

Let us introduce to you, the one list to rule them all.Ok… that’s perhaps slightly overstated, but we are quite excited. We have created Year Lists.Finally you will be able to click on a year to find corresponding detailed information from our vast database. For any selected year, you will discover:_The…

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