Thelma Golden

Lists for years bring new discoveries

Let us introduce to you, the one list to rule them all.Ok… that’s perhaps slightly overstated, but we are quite excited. We have created Year Lists.Finally you will be able to click on a year to find corresponding detailed information from our vast database. For any selected year, you will discover:_The…

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Different styles, similar successes.

As per usual we’ve been playing with our data and this week our attention was caught by artists who have seen a significant increase in ranking in the last 5 years. With completely different approaches, techniques, themes and mediums, two of these artists are; Vienna based Italian, Pablo Chiereghin, and New…

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Exploring Curatorial Queen Thelma Golden in Artfacts.

May the celebrations of curators continue! This week we are introducing a new section to the Curator Profile. Finally, with just a brief glance, we are able to find out valuable statistical information about curators too. Just as with Artist and Institution Profiles, you will be able to see the…

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