How’s the Weather in the Art World? 

The Impact of the Art World on Climate Change.

What is the art world’s impact on the climate crisis?
Let’s face it, our industry doesn’t leave the lightest of footprints: the raw materials needed for artworks, the artworks that are shipped over mass distances, the art institutions that are continuously climatized to protect collections, the lavish events hosted, the countless flights (and also private jets) that are taken to international art fairs and openings, and that’s not even mentioning the energy required to mint an NFT…

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Exploring our Trends tools

Helping to make the most of our wealth of data. Have you ever played around with our Trends tools? We’ve introduced them in the past, but we wanted to remind you just how helpful (and fun) they can be to use. Our “Trends” page show’s you the exact rankings of…

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Transgender and Non-binary artists to celebrate.

Offering our overdue attention. We’ve discussed artists from all corners of the globe, we’ve featured galleries we love, artists rising in recognition, and ranking, and we’ve highlighted the raging gender inequalities in the art world. But there is one particularly fundamental group, who feels the bite of inequality more than…

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Ukrainian Artists and Institutions.

Today we shall explore some of the great artists and institutions that belong to Ukraine. How many of these institutions will exist when the battles are over is a question we’d rather not consider – The Museum of Local History in Ivankiv, with a treasured collection of works by folk artist Maria…

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Gallery and Artist relationships.

It’s Madrid Art Week currently – we hope everyone attending and involved is having a great time. This year, ARCO Madrid dedicated a section to the “essential relationship between galleries and their artists” who partnered in early years of ARCO. Taking this idea as a starting point, we will look at the…

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