Lists for years bring new discoveries

Let us introduce to you, the one list to rule them all.Ok… that’s perhaps slightly overstated, but we are quite excited. We have created Year Lists.Finally you will be able to click on a year to find corresponding detailed information from our vast database. For any selected year, you will discover:_The…

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Discovering upcoming artists.

We provide manifold ways to discover artists. One such being, exploring the “Top 100 Upcoming Young Artists” list. You’ll find all kinds of talented trail-blazers there. Perhaps you would stumble across the works of French sculpturist Marguerite Humeau. Though ‘upcoming’ is perhaps the wrong descriptor, having had her graduation piece “Lucy from Back, Herebelow, Formidable…

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Auction at Christie’s / collectors facts

Being the multifaceted platform that we are, we have a myriad of different users coming from completely different spectrums of the art world. Today we’re sliding into your inbox from the collector’s realm, and we’d like to show how you can use Artfacts as a tool to assist you when purchasing artworks.…

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