A Summer Of Deliciously Intriguing Data.

Top 10 Stars Of Tomorrow

For the height of the sweltering summer month of July, we will be delivering a weekly newsletter series that focuses on the fascinating results available to us when we place specific queries into our database. Numbers to crunch on, with your ice cream in hand.

We know, the term database always sounds so dry, but hey, the data in the database is all about art, and art is always interesting.

The collective results that we are sharing with you are not easily deducible from our Artfacts pages, which makes what we are delivering all the more exciting. May this privileged information provide new insights for you.

For our first edition, we will be focusing on the question on everyone’s lips: who are the stars of tomorrow?

For this query, we will show the top few artists who have surged forward in the last three years, in each ranking category of top 10, top 100, top 1000, top 10,000 and top 100,000.

Top 10 stars of tomorrow (and today)
Biggest ranking increase in last three years

Top 10
Georg Baselitz
Born 1938, German
Painting / Sculpture
Ranked 7, 3 in Germany
3 point increase

Top 100
Sean Scully
Born 1945, Irish
Painting / printmaking / sculpture / photography
Ranked 64 globally, 1 in Ireland
50 point increase

Daniel Spoerri
Born 1930, Swiss
Sculpture  / assemblage / found object
Ranked 88 globally, 5 in Switzerland
36 point increase.

Top 1,000
Kapwani Kiwanga
Born 19, Canadian
Installation / Sculpture / video / performance
Ranked 407 Globally, 7 in Canada
827 points increase

Arthur Jafa
Born 1960, American
Time based media / Film /  Video
Ranked 495 Globally, 127 in the United States
798 point increase

Rose Wylie
Born 1934, British
Ranked 951 globally, 70 in United Kingdom
731 point increase

Top 10,000
Ti Shan Hsu
Born 1951, American
Painting / sculpture / computer generated media
Ranked 7,153 globally, 1,307 in United States
312,656 point increase

Pacita Abad
Born 1946 – Death 2004, Phillipino
Ranked 9,807 globally, 19 in The Philippines
177,529 point increase

Gabrielle L’Hirondelle
Born 1979, Canadian
Sculpture / Collage / Installation
Ranked 5,569 Globally, 81 in Canada
70,824 point increase

Top 100,000Ernst Yohji Jäger
Born 1990, German
24,949 Globally, 3,398 in Germany
479,865 point increase

There you have it. Are there any surprises? We suggest looking closer at each of the artists, perhaps you’ll find someone new to admire and follow.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into our data, and are looking forward to next week’s edition.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team