Lists for years bring new discoveries

Let us introduce to you, the one list to rule them all.
Ok… that’s perhaps slightly overstated, but we are quite excited.

We have created Year Lists.
Finally you will be able to click on a year to find corresponding detailed information from our vast database.

For any selected year, you will discover:
_The top artists
_The most important artists born
_The most important curators born
_The most important galleries founded
_The most important shows

This allows us a way to look at the movement, and movements of art through an entirely different lens. Let’s take a look at a specific year to see what we can find out.

The world population is: 3,334,874,000, war rages on in Vietnam, Malcom X is assassinated, the voting rights act is passed, My fair lady and Mary poppins top the academy awards, the death penalty is abolished in the UK, Bob Dylan releases his album ‘Highway 61 Revisted’ and a Christmas staple, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is debuted for the first time.

This was a time well before Andy Warhol was ranked No.1. Pablo Picasso held the reigning position then, which he defended from 1928-1973 (minus 1931- shh, we’re not looking at that year).

Thelma Golden, the prominent curator whom we featured recently, was born.

Galerie Hans Mayer was founded, presenting a solo exhibition of Julio Le Parc the following year, a significant catch for a Galerie only open for one year. One of the top exhibitions was “Le Corbusier: 1887-1965 (A Memorial Exhibition)” at MOMA, in honor of the artist, architect, designer, urban planner and pioneer of modern architecture who passed away.

Amongst many leading artists, Damien HirstTacita DeanMonica Bonvicini and the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini all entered this world in ‘65 as well.

A little about Piccinini: Her outstanding works manage to entice, repulse and enthrall viewers at the same time. These works; life-sized, life-like silicone creatures, are somewhere between human, animal and science experiment. Yet what is most remarkable about these pieces (or beings) is that it is virtually impossible not to feel empathy for them.There is a gentleness and playfulness in Piccinini’s approach which leads the viewer first to embrace ‘the other’ and then to more pertinent questions of ethics and environment. Piccinini is currently ranked 964 Globally and No. 3 in Australia.

Patricia Piccinini, Teenage Metamorphosis  2017, Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, found objects 137 x 25 x 75 cm
Patricia Piccinini Meditations on the continuum of vitality (garden) 2014,Ink and gauche on paper 57cm H x 76cm

As you can see, there is a wealth of knowledge available at your fingertips, all it takes is a curious mind, and a click of the mouse. Every year delivers new surprises to discover.

Let’s make history happen, while we discover our past too.

The Artfacts Team