About Artfacts

The Artfacts database is the largest of its kind.

Over the past 15 years Artfacts has built the world’s largest art database to become the industry standard ranking and data source for artists, galleries, collectors and financial services alike. With over 37 million data points, Artfacts Analytics brings powerful new insights to the art market through deep structural and contextual analysis of its exhibition database. Artfacts’s proprietary ranking system calculates a weighted data matrix to deliver a trusted evaluation of an artist’s career within the complex realities of today’s market landscape and trends. As a whole, the Artfacts platform complements the traditional art world prerogatives of taste and opinion with the impartial authority of verified, algorithmically rated data, all tied to a rich suite of services to drive value for Artfacts customers.

The trajectory of an artist’s career depends exactly upon the success of their exhibition career.

Exhibitions listed on Artfacts rate the different artists with a points system, which indicate the amount of attention each particular artist has received from art institutions. These points help to determine the artist’s future auction and gallery sales. The Artfacts ranking method is a valuable tool that enables users of Artfacts to track upcoming trends in the market.