Discovering upcoming artists.

We provide manifold ways to discover artists. One such being, exploring the “Top 100 Upcoming Young Artists” list. You’ll find all kinds of talented trail-blazers there. Perhaps you would stumble across the works of French sculpturist Marguerite Humeau.

Though ‘upcoming’ is perhaps the wrong descriptor, having had her graduation piece “Lucy from Back, Herebelow, Formidable (the rebirth of prehistoric creatures)” directly picked for a show at Moma in 2011, and in the years followed, continued to add various accolades to her cv. Humeau has experienced remarkable growth in a very short period of time.

The artist, whose works blend somewhat between science-fiction and natural history, conceives her ideas by beginning with a “what if”. What follows, is indepth research and collaboration with specialists, to result in the creation of something that could have been, or could be; Often voluminous, morphed figures, either out of the prehistoric age, or a surgical room, sometimes accompanied by ghostly sound-scapes.

Her works have appeared in high ranking institutions around the world, from the Centre Pompidou in Paris, to the Tate Museum in London, to the New Museum in New York, the list goes on.

When looking at her trends chart, it’s very clear to see her fast-paced progression, boosted with prominent group shows, and consistent museum presence.

On a side note: Despite being featured in significant institutions in a relatively short amount of time, we found it rather encouraging to know that after studying textile design, and industrial design, she was rejected from all the art academies she applied to. (Eventually attending an experimental program, “Design Interactions” at The Royal College of Art.)

A pleasant reminder for all those on a journey, that there are many possible roads to take you where you want to go. In a time where everything is uncertain, her works, asking such complex questions offer an unexpected antidote.

Enjoy discovering Marguerite Humeau and so many others.

Marguerite Humeau, Lucy from Back, Herebelow, Formidable (the rebirth of prehistoric creatures) 2010, Metal, plastic tube, and air compressor
Marguerite Humeau The Prayer (A marins mammal invoking higher spirits) 2019, Sculpture.