Who else likes lists?

It’s an excellent day for lovers of lists.

Who doesn’t feel the tinge of satisfaction perusing collated information on their field of interest? Delightful.

We’re excited to introduce the new format of lists that will be applied to all movementsmediasperiods and genders. In addition to the lists, our handy maps and pie-charts prevail to make fast, visual sense out of facts.

You can find links to these lists by clicking on their title on the spotlight page of any artist or gallery where they are included.

A quick example would be: clicking on our notorious number 1, Andy Warhol, then discovering on his Spotlight that he, (quelle surprise) is a part of the Pop Art movement. “What is that?” you ponder, so you click on Pop Art, which opens up a world of other artists and galleries associated with it to discover. Et- Voila!

In each list you will see the top 99 artists and galleries associated with that field. In addition, you will find the charts and map, now synonymous with many of our other pages.

Were you to look at the Medium: Mixed media, for example, you would discover that by age, only 257 artists are included in the count. 75% of which are the combined age groups of 20-40 and 40-60, with a mere 8% of artists over the age of 80 involved- Showing that it is clearly a much newer medium.

In comparison to Painting, where, counted by age, 21, 978 artists use the medium. Already a massive, if unsurprising jump. Here, a tiny 25% of the combined age groups of 20-40, and 40-60 linger behind the old masters now over the age of 80, who make up 59%. A rather fascinating signifier of the passage of time, and the movements of art.

Have we tickled your curiosity? There is so much more to explore with this new feature, that makes our collected information far more accessible.

Enjoy exploring!