Book a Studio Visit

A helpful addition for artists and gallerists.

Digital platforms such as Artfacts, Artnet or Artsy attract thousands of visitors daily. According to a 2020 survey of German artists by Deutscher Kulturrat, over 30% of respondents used digital marketing tools extensively and over 50% of respondents did so at least partially.

As our working from home habits and digital lives expand, we would assume that these percentages will only continue to grow. Digital mediums are here to stay, so let’s help you make the most of our one.

We recently released some new features for your profile on Artfacts. These updates offer additional powerful tools to help equip you with everything you need in the digital world – a great archive, a portfolio for your art works (including the possibility to set a price) and the opportunity to be contacted by curators, collectors or other like-minded artists.

As a little reminder, here are all of the things that you can now do with your profile:

  • Include an artist statement
  • Add all social media links
  • Add your personal webpage
  • List awards and residencies
  • Include your beautiful artworks
  • Set a price
  • Include your exhibition history
  • Add Museum collections
  • Include gallery representation

And the current pièce de résistance; the “Book a Studio Visit” button, which enables all Artfacts visitor’s to get in touch with you directly.

To make the most of all that Artfacts has to offer, to improve your chances of being discovered, and to capitalise on this new tool, creating a complete profile is the way to go. So let’s have a closer look at just how to do that.

1. Login to Artfacts, claim your profile (if you haven’t already) and go to your dashboard.

2. Click on the small pencil icon next to your profile name. Use “Spotlight” to add images and biographical data as well as more information about you and your art. Go to “Profile” to include more about yourself and to add highlights of your career.

3. Once you have included an artist statement, you can enable the all important “Book a Studio Visit” function by sliding the button.

Voila! Give it a try and see who reacts in the coming months.

This tool is just as important for our gallerists too: If it is the gallery who has claimed their artist´s profile, and they’ve enabled the “Book a studio visit” option, the email will go directly to the gallery, providing a chance for them to get in touch with potential buyers.

May you make the most of all that Artfacts has to offer.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team

Headerimage created by Piotr Pietrus