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It’s sort of like playing a game of Roulette: you click, never knowing what artworks will have recently been uploaded or what awaits your discovery. Depending on the day you’ll stumble across everything from works by established artists to that of the up-and-coming.

When you’re looking for a little inspiration it’s a great way to quickly discover new artists. We played yesterday and won – you win simply by finding something that catches your appreciative eye.

Here are three artists that we discovered:

Peter Aerschmann
(b. 1969)
Ranked 3,897 Globally

Peter Aerschmann, verschwinden, 2022, Videoinstallation, Site-specific installation at da Mihi Gallery HD video, 6 min loop, sound

Swiss artist Aerschmann, skillfully works in video and interactive computer installations. He captures fragments from everyday life which he then carefully weaves together, repeating, tweaking, to build connections, create stories and pose important questions in often juxtaposing spaces. The banal becomes mesmerising and poignant in his hyper-realistic re-imaginings.

Frank & Robbert
(formed. 2012)
Ranked 60,072 Globally

Frank & Robbert, Shrine – Shredding Sorrows, 2019, Painted sculpture

The Belgian multidisciplinary duo create works which include objects, prints, installations, videos, actions in public places and performances.There is always a sense of playful inquisition woven throughout their works; each piece is decidedly different, yet at the same time, there is something cyclical in their moments of repetition.

Such repetition can be seen in the creation and activation of shrines, which have evolved to be a component of their work. A perfect example being this eye-catching 2019 work.

Elin Brissman
(b. 1982)
Ranked 77,279 Globally

Elin Brissman, Untitled, 2016, Oil on linen, 115 x 100 cm

Brissman is a Swedish painter based in Norway, who focuses specifically on realistic oil paintings of building exteriors. There is something so delightfully secretive about the works: we cannot help but wonder what is behind those closed doors and windows. 

Voila! Now that we’ve found our highlights for the day, we encourage you to do the same.

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We may be based on data, but we love the unexpected and that is exactly what we this handy little tool delivers.

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Headerimage created by Mikhail Nilov