Institution Page – Relaunch

Boy-oh-boy, have we got a new update for you!
Our beloved galleries, museums, art fairs and organisations, did you think we’d left you behind? Gasp! We-would-never! 

All this time, we’ve been squirreling away tap tap typing in new codes to build you more functional, accessible and as always, more aesthetically pleasing pages. 

Much like the new Artist Profile pages, you too now have the representation that you deserve. This includes a profile section that is all yours, for who better to describe your organisation than those that know it the best? It awaits your eloquent fingertips as we speak. 

In addition, you will find clearly presented data on the types of exhibitions you are involved in, a map and analytical diagrams for your shown artist’s nationality, gender and age, and newly featured artworks.

So much information now curated and presented in such an accessible manner. Who knew data could be so sexy? (We did, but we’ll try not to gloat too much.)

Marian Goodman Gallery