Gallery – Gender Equality

Have you had a look at our slick new updates yet? 

Did you know that you can explore the profile information that is now displayed on all arts organisations’ pages, to compare multiple institutions?

Shall we play a game and find out?
How about comparing two galleries, one city, for starters?
New York.
Postmasters Gallery and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.

We decided to look at Postmasters, run by the brilliant Magda Sawon that has picked up so many outstanding artists over the years, and the similarly ground breaking Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, that Gavin unfortunately has decided to close down and instead join forces with mega gallerist Barbara Gladstone.

But how do they perform in terms of gender quality?
Alright folks, are your bets in?

Oooooh and there you have it!
Postmasters wins offering us 35% female artists to 59% male artists. Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, four steps behind, with 30% female artists, is actually quite a high score. We found numbers as low as 12%. Tisk tisk.

It appears more active steps need to be taken towards equal representation in the arts world.

And that’s the end of the game for today! Surprised by the results? We invite you to enter a wormhole of comparing museums, galleries and art foundations. We’d love to hear of any interesting discoveries you may have.

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