Streamlined information on institutions.

This week we’re celebrating an update that at first glance may appear small, but is actually very significant.

We’ve streamlined the information on over 30,000 institutions for you.

Now, just as with our artist profiles, a grand assemblage of important information and key points on any given institution has been refined into a few short sentences. This provides a fast first analysis, helping you to quickly and easily interpret the cumulative data provided, and to decide if you would like to dive even deeper into a specific institution.

With this new update, you can also discover fascinating facts, which were previously not so immediately accessible, such as; an institution’s very first exhibition, the average age of an institution’s represented artists, the average rank of artists exhibited with them and who the highest ranked artists are with them. All of this without having to scroll through biographies, or completing even one maths equation.

Take a look at Canada Gallery in NYC.
Ranked 16 in the United States, and 48 Globally.

You can quickly deduce that the gallery focuses on painting, has extensively participated in international art fairs, features predominantly but not exclusively american artists, has one of the best male:female representation ratios for a gallery that we’ve seen, with 51% male, and 48% female, and has an average age of 45 years for it’s artists. Their most exhibited artist is Katherine Bernhardt with 11 shows, and the vast majority of the artists to have repeatedly exhibited with the gallery have improved in ranking during their time there.

There you have it, a satisfyingly fast glimpse into institutions that answers questions and inspires intrigue equally. Just another way Artfacts is working to make our data accessible.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team