Update your Artist Profile for free.

A warm hello from our team,
We hope you and your loved ones are all staying healthy, and have adjusted somewhat to this new temporary normal.

If you’ve now completed at least one 1000 piece puzzle, baked 5 banana breads, gawked at the entire series of Tiger king, had zoom gatherings with friends, called all of your relatives, sorted through all of your belongings and shared a live video of yourself either dancing, singing or cooking something… it means you’re doing amazing and staying home! Keep it up!

A few weeks ago we announced the introduction of the Artist profile, many of you have since taken the opportunity to build beautiful profiles- they look fantastic. But there are still many more profiles waiting to be tended to by their owners or representatives. Poor profiles. They’re so lonely. So bare. They’re desperate for your attention.

It’s the perfect time to fill the profiles with love.

Let the people know more about you, your history, what you do, where you come from, why you do it, take the opportunity to say what you want to say from your point of view. In addition to your artist info you can add links to other platforms where you are featured- Wikipedia, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your personal website.

This is your chance to market yourself. A richer profile is more likely to encourage prospective collectors or galleries to contact you about your work. So while you are staying home and saving lives, skip the next banana bread and hop to it… who knows who will next stumble across your profile….