Three Brazilian Galleries to tickle your fancy.

We enjoyed the feeling of entering the vibrant Brazilian territory so much, we thought we might stay a while…

That’s the thing about art… It’s everywhere, there’s no need to live in concrete jungles to make it, see it, or sell it…or…if there is, then why not make it jungly concrete jungles.

This week we’d like to introduce you to some of the leading galleries in Brazil, all ranked in the top 50 galleries in the world.

Galeria Nara RoeslerFortes D’aloia & Gabriel and Mendes Wood DM. Each of these Galleries was founded 10 years apart and has a venue in Sao Paulo. A city with a population of 12 million, it’s no small feat to be the leaders in your field there.

30 Years old.
Galeria Nara Roesler, founded in 1989 by Nara Roesler, has three locations- Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, and they have just relocated to a new location in Chelsea, New York. The gallery focuses on influential Brazilian and international artists who emerged in the 1950’s as well as artists they deem exceptional who mesh with the “currents put forth by these historical figures.” Amongst the range in their represented artists, are the works of veteran Amelia Toledo whose career spans over 5 decades, the filmmaker Cao Guimarães and emerging painter, Bruno Dunley who is part of the collective,200e8 group.

20 years old.
Fortes D’aloia & Gabriel founded in 2001 by Márcia Fortes and Alessandra D’Aloia. (Adding Gabriel to their name in 2016 when Alexandre Gabriel, previously artistic director, transitioned to partner.) Currently, they are the only one of the three galleries that doesn’t have a brick and mortar venue outside of Brazil, having a venue in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, yet they lead the other two in rankings. The gallery represents both international and Brazilian artists from emerging to established. Amongst their artists are Rivane Neuenschwander– who creates her installations using her “ethereal materialism” approach and Ernesto Neto– the sculpturist who makes gigantic works to be interacted with, often from stocking like material filled with spices or seeds, which are a delight for the poetic soul and the senses.

10 Years old.
Mendes Wood DM founded in 2010 by partners Felipe Dmab, Matthew Wood and Pedro Mendes. Operating for just over 10 years, they have achieved a marvellous feat in establishing themselves as one of the top galleries in Brazil in a very short period. Rather than exhibiting just their represented artists, they also exhibit local and international artists unrepresented by them as well- allowing them a certain fluidity and flexibility not always seen in galleries. They represent artists such as Solange Pessoa who’s sculptures and works described as having a “pulsating vitality” often use natural materials found on her family’s farm, and the divine biomorphic works of sculpturalist, Sonia Gomes.

A quick look at the data: Galeria Nara Roesler has the most mature collection of artists with 55% ranging in age from 45 to 60 years old, though followed closely by Fortes D’aloia & Gabriel with 52%. Mendes Wood DM has clearly taken a different approach and focused on more early career artists with 53% of Artists aged between 20 to 40 years old.

According to the data on file, all of the galleries could do with exhibiting a few more female artists with the highest percentage being 32%.

There you have it, galleries from Brazil making world-wide names for themselves, and improving the Brazilian market at the same time.

There really is a world of possibilities to be found, so many fascinating, talented artists represented by such dynamic progressive galleries.

Let’s make history happen,

Artfacts team