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Today is a very good day indeed- You asked, we heard.
At long last, our City Profiles are complete!

Dear <<Test Name>>,Explore the artworld on Artfacts via cities.Today is a very good day indeed- You asked, we heard.
At long last, our City Profiles are complete!This is BIG All of the information that we have in our database related to cities is now accessible with just one click. For any city- current and upcoming exhibitions, leading galleries, institutions and locally based artists now await you on one cohesive page.Saving you valuable time searching, whilst providing new discoveries.For Artists- Now easily search for prospective galleries and check out other artists in your city.For Galleries- Keep a closer eye on your local competition, and discover other artists in your area.For Collectors- Looking for something new? It just got that much easier to find.Let’s try a city out shall we?
In honor of Black History Month in the US, let’s visit a hub for the arts that also happens to have the country’s second largest Black population: The Second City – Chicago.Gallery
The Mariane Ibrahim Gallery was originally founded in 2012 as the M.I.A Gallery in Seattle by Somali-French Art dealer, Mariane Ibrahim, in 2019 she moved her gallery to Chicago.It was established to showcase artists from underrepresented regions. In it’s relatively short life, the gallery has gone from height to height, and is now ranked in the top 300 in the world. The gallery represents an incredible collection of artists, including the in-demand Amoako Boafo.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, was established in 1967 by a group of collectors, art dealers, artists, art critics, and architects. They hosted Frida Kahlo‘s first US exhibition, and Jeff Koons’s first museum exhibition.

With a desire to represent their local community, their Chicago-Works series feature up and coming and established Chicagoan artists. Although the museum is currently closed due to Covid-19, their soon to end exhibition, curated by January Parkos Arnall with Line Ajan, Alien vs. Citizen, with it’s fascinating theme, Inspired by conversations about the visas awarded to “aliens of extraordinary ability” and impressive lineup of artists, is a timely and needed exploration that unfortunately cannot be witnessed as much as it should be.

Other venues
Befitting its name, Three Walls is a non-profit founded in 2003 to provide support and visibility for the visual arts community in Chicago. Moving from it’s brick and mortar venue to a more itinerant approach, its inclusive concept offers funding, support and fellowship programs, whilst being deeply immersed in the local community.

Chicago holds within it’s windy avenues some very big names, including the incomparable Kerry James Marshall– the American painter, printmaker and professor, known for his stunning, bold, evocative work that examines aspects of Black culture in the US. He is ranked 101 in the US and 368 globally, and he is the most expensive living Black artist ($21.1 Million for Past Times).

If the world were not overrun with a pandemic, we’d be telling you to go and admire his work in all its glory at the Alien vs Citizen exhibition mentioned above. 

Kerry James Marshall, When Frustration Threatens Desire  1990, acrylic and collage on canvas
Kerry James Marshall Untitled (Curtain Girl) 2016, acrylic on PVC panel

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