Our New Art Fair Participation Upload Tool.

In celebration of this festively busy time of year, we have a new update to share.

Although we can’t help with your overflowing schedules, if you happen to be updating information on Artfacts currently, we can at the very least save you a few moments of time to sip that coffee of yours before it’s gone cold (again).

Noticed that an artist or gallery’s participation is missing in an art fair already listed on Artfacts? Want the power in your hands to update? Perfect.

With our new art fair participation tool simply type in the art fair (including the year), gallery, and name of the artist(s) into their respective boxes and click send.

We’ll do the rest for you.

N.B. This tool is only for art fairs that are already in our system, should the art fair not be listed yet, follow the usual process and submit the art fair via the exhibition upload form.

Every little step adds up to building a better Artfacts for all.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team