A tweaking of our exhibition submission process.

A little birdy told us that a number of you wished to be able to edit your exhibitions after you had submitted them.

We get it; perhaps you forgot to add an artist, or mis-typed the dates of an exhibition, or the dates may have even changed after submitting. After listening to your calls, we’ve tweaked the function of the exhibition submission section in your dashboard to be a little more accomodating.

From now on when you submit an exhibition you will be able to edit or delete that exhibition until our editorial team begins to process it. To make the whole process clearer, we’ve added another colour to our colour coded system.

From now-on the sequence is as follows:

Should you need to edit an exhibition after it has been processed, you may follow the usual procedure and get in touch with [email protected].

By letting you edit an exhibition after it is submitted, but before it is processed, we hope to save both you and our team time.

That way, we can focus on processing exhibitions faster, whilst you have a little more time in your day for… whatever you wish really.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team