It’s update time…

It’s always a pleasure to inform you about new features that the Artfacts team has developed. These tiny updates really can make a big difference.

This week, the big news is the improvement in the profile edit/upload section, which includes four new features.

Spotlight Image
Ask, and you shall receive: Finally, all artists with a claimed profile can set their spotlight image themselves. Choose an artwork that you believe best represents your oeuvre. If no artwork is set, then your last uploaded artwork will be shown.

Book a studio visit
A great new tool for connecting artists with galleries and collectors: Artists with a claimed profile (and at least a starter subscription), can add a “Book a studio visit” button to their profile. Interested parties can click the button, which sends an automatic email directly to the artist, so that the one-to-one communication can begin. Huzzah!

Profile image
Artists with a claimed profile can now add an extra image to their profile (about) section. A photo of you at work in the studio perhaps?

Awards and Residencies
We know how important and hard earned awards and residencies are. Finally, there is a dedicated section for these, which can be found on the “Profile” page of an artist’s profile. Time to add your accolades!

To find and use these new additions, proceed just as you would have done before: click on the pencil icon next to your profile name on the dashboard.

A final little note from the team: Our “Express Exhibition Submission” form will no longer be available. Instead, we have improved our original (extended) submission form to ensure the very best submission results for all.

Psst: galleries and curators – don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you, updates are also coming your way shortly.

Make Artfacts your partner to connect with potential collectors or curators and enhance your exposure on Artfacts with these new tools. We have thousands of visitors every day – who knows when someone will come across you.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team