Four Galleries from Four Fairs

Four Galleries from Four Fairs

The wave of art fairs continues, and we couldn’t be more delighted!

To honor the local scenes that help shape the cities home to these international shows, we’ve chosen one local gallery each from four upcoming fairs.

Swab Barcelona
Established in 2006, the contemporary art fair will feature 80 international Galleries, and opened yesterday in Barcelona.
At the Pabellón de Italia, October 7-10.

ADN Galeria
Ranked No. 499 globally and No. 13 in Spain
Established in 2003
Presented at 6 Swab shows.
According to our data, they have shown 23% female, 68% male and 9% collective artists.

Established in 2002, the contemporary art fair is the first and largest art fair in South Korea and opens next week.
At COEX Hall A+B, October 15-17

PKM Gallery
Ranked No. 147 Globally and No. 3 in Korea 
Presented at 10 KIAF fairs
According to our data, they have shown 14% female, 83% male and 4% collective artists.

Established in 2009, ArtVilnius is Lithuania’s only contemporary art fair and the largest event of visual arts in Eastern Europe.
At the LITEXPO, October 15-17

Galerija Meno NIŠA Established 2002
Ranked No. 1574 Globally and No. 3 in Lithuania
Presented at 9 Art Vilnius fairs
According to our data, they have shown 55% female and 45% male artists.

Fun fact of the day- Diana Stomiene, the Director of Meno niša, is president of the Lithuanian Art Galleries association, and also the director of ArtVilnius since 2009.

Established in 2003 and considered one of the world’s most influential contemporary art fairs, it focuses specifically on contemporary art and living artists.
At Regent’s Park, October 13-17

The Sunday Painter Established 2009
Ranked No. 486 Globally and No. 51 in UK
Presented at 6 Frieze London fairs
According to our data, they have shown 44% Female, 55% Male and 0.99% Collective artists.

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For those attending or presenting at any of these exciting fairs, we wish you wonderful discoveries, discourses and deals.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team