Celebrating 20 years in the art world

Surviving as a gallery for any amount of time is no small feat, let alone twenty years. Even with the many great challenges that come with running a gallery, every year there are those that manage to reach the special two-decade milestone.

Heading into the busy fair season this year, we’d like to tip our hats to all the galleries who are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2021.

Below are 6 of those hard-working galleries, many of which are at upcoming events; perhaps you’ll have a chance to say hello and congratulate them in person.

Gb agency
Ranked 66 Globally, 9 in France
Represent 21 artists
Founded by Solene Guillier and Nathalie Boutin
See them at Art Basel

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art
Ranked 146 Globally, 1 in PortugalRepresent 27 Artists
Founded by Cristina Guerra
See them at Art Basel

10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Ranked 216 Globally, 1 in Hong Kong
Represent 81 Artists
Founded by Katie De Tilly
Hopefully you saw them at Art Basel Hong Kong

Galerie Guido W. Baudach
Ranked 217 Globally 33 in Germany
Represent 15 Artists
Founded by Guido W. Baudach
See them at Art Basel and Art Cologne

Bruce silverstein Gallery
Ranked 297 Globally, 97 in United StatesRepresent 31 artists
Founded by Bruce Silverstein
See them at Frieze Masters London

Taguchi Fine Art
Ranked 501 Globally, 13 in JapanRepresent 19 artists
Founded by Tatsuya Taguchi
See them at Art Cologne

To the gallery birthday kids, and every one of you celebrating a milestone, be it a year, fifty, or more, bravo. Enjoy your upcoming events and don’t forget to drink enough water amidst the madness.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team