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One of Artfacts’ main bases is in Berlin, so we’re sure it comes as no surprise to learn that our focus is also attuned to the local scene, our ears twitching to the sounds of German. Today we’d like to share more of that with you.

Art Auction.

Last Saturday the grassroots art market movement from Berlin, Direkte Auktion, hosted their first of 6 upcoming auctions. The event was a huge success with over 60% of the artworks sold, and more again in the post-sale.

For this Saturday’s upcoming auction which is held both in person and online, and in the spirit of our Germany-centric email, we’ve chosen two German artists up for grabs to take a closer look at, using both our Artfacts data and Limna.

They are;
Julia Haller (b.1978) and Sandra Lange (b.1982). Both are described on Limna as; “A mid-career, renowned artist with steady national presence”.

Here are the specifications at a glance:

Slot 6: Skin deep
Artist:Julia Haller
Title: Untitled
Year: 2019
Size: 99.8cm x 97.5cm
Minimum price: 7,600€
Price estimate: 9,500€
Artfacts global ranking: 4,269
Artfacts national ranking: 619
Limna price estimate: €12,000

Slot 9: Talking bout my generation
Artist: Sandra Lange
Title: Mikrogravitation
Year: 2016
Size: 150cm x 150cm
Minimum Price: 4,600
Price estimate: 7,500
Artfacts global ranking: 33,442
Artfacts national ranking: 4,335
Limna Price estimate: 11,000€

Although Limna is primarily for the primary or gallery market, you can see how the price estimates from the auction and Limna correlate. (Which we find very exciting!) Check out all the pieces on Direkte Auktion, see what results you discover on Limna, and perhaps be encouraged to invest in a new work of art.


 Last week our Co-Founders, Stine Albertsen and Marek Claaßen stopped by the recording studio of gallerist and art dealer, Johann König, for his podcast “Was mit Kunst” to talk about all things Artfacts and Limna.

As this podcast was conducted in German, we have extracted and expanded on three highlights to share with you. For those who speak German – listen away.

1.The ranking points are ultimately dictated by the number of people that see an artist’s work. – Here, our Co-Founder Stine Albertsen was implying that in general, the more exhibitions an artist is involved in, and the bigger the institutions, the greater an audience the artist has, and this translates into ranking points.

2. Joseph Beuys may have said “Everyone is an artist”, but an artist is not a professional artist until they are selected by a curator. -This one from our Co-Founder Marek Claaßen is pretty clear, in the world of art, just as with any creative art form, your work needs to be validated by someone in your professional sphere for you to be considered more than just an amateur. This can be seen in our ranking system in correlation with exhibitions.

3. Even someone in the art world with more than 10 years of experience would not be able to distinguish what an artist ranking of 20,000 would equate to in monetary terms.

-This is where our App Limna comes into play. Artfacts is built upon so much data, that except for a skilled and focused few, most people may find it hard to discern how a ranking can correlate financially. It’s a big reason why we’re so excited about Limna; it takes out a lot of the guesswork, refining years of experience and millions of data points into something that we can all understand, and utilise.

For now, we shall leave you to pontificate.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team