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April showers have given way to May flowers in our neck of the woods. It’s been the perfect weather for gallery strolling and museum exploring, and all of that Vitamin D has even inspired a bit of art collecting. Let’s get started, shall we? 

In the face of the financial crisis of 2008, it seemed as though the young art community would take a back seat to more critical affairs; mainly, the rising costs of higher education and the reduced quality of life millennials confronted and accepted as the new normal. Instead of receding into the background, the art community had its own agenda, one that would not slow down by traditional means and remained true to past form. Creators kept creating, painters still painted. They danced, laughed, and sang. As they say: the show must go on.

Team ArtFacts looked to our data to see if we could map a trend on the crash’s effect on budding artists. Specifically, those who would have had their first shows during this time. Who succeeded? We investigated the careers of four artists who were born within two years of each other and found out.

Presenting: Artists In the Face of Adversity 
(First show in or after 2008)

The Takeaway:
First, we found power in numbers. 4 out of the 14 top young artists that came up in our query were artist groups of 2 or more people under one moniker. It makes sense: banding together when sales and shows were down might have impacted a broader audience, if only 
subconsciously. Another interesting fact to note: out of the top 14, only 2 were from the United States, most notorious for their high-cost of university and a country that feels the residual effects of the crash today. 

What do you think? Write us and let us know. As always, we accept inquiries to [email protected] with “Top Data” in the subject line. Maybe yours will be published next!



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