ArtFacts.Net Contribution to Art Basel & UBS Report


Our founder and CEO, Marek Claaßen, continues his tour of #artbasel stopping for a coffee and peruse of #artmarket2017 prepared by #claremcandrew

For the first time “The Art Market 2017”, a report by Art Basel and Swiss bank UBS, was presented to the public at the opening of Art Basel Hong Kong yesterday, 22nd of March. Important parts of the art market data used to compose this 287-page strong report were contributed by ArtFacts.

The report was prepared by Dr Clare McAndrew, formerly responsible for the “TEFAF Art Market Report” which has been published annually since 2000. In her latest report McAndrew has pursued a new direction with the help of ArtFacts, now taking into consideration exhibition activity when describing the status quo of the art market. By using numerous exhibition data, artist rankings and art fair activity, all processed by ArtFacts, “The Art Market 2017” is able to not only rely on public auction data or dealer surveys but also to cast a glance on where art comes from: artist activities and exhibitions. Thus comparing for example the top 20 selling artists in the auction market with the top 20 ranked artists by ArtFacts a reader gains a full insight into the market of today.

“The Art Market 2017” is available for free download here!