Art Cologne in Numbers

On April 25thArt Cologne will open its doors for the 51st time and art aficionados will pause to reflect on the fair’s substantial 50 year history. Being that it is the first fair of its kind (the “Mother” of the art fairs), Art Cologne has defined contemporary art history.

In honor of this occasion, ArtFacts.Net has decided to take a closer look at the data surrounding the galleries and artists who have participated in Art Cologne, offering insights on inquiries such as: what is the correlation between female and male artist participants, and how has this relationship evolved historically? How often do galleries return to Art Cologne? Is there a marked difference between the number of galleries and number of artists shown, according to internationality? From this gathered data we organized 8 key visuals that offer a new way of understanding and analyzing the development and characteristics of Art Cologne over time.


About ArtFacts:

For over 15 years ArtFacts.Net has built the world’s largest art database and become the industry standard ranking and data source for artists, galleries, collectors, academics and more. With over 37 million data points, ArtFacts.Net covers exhibitions from 192 countries dating from the mid-19th century up until today, delivering unique insights to the art market through deep structural and contextual analysis. ArtFacts.Net monitors over half a million contemporary artists, providing each with an algorithmically calculated rank that delivers a trusted evaluation of an artist’s career within the complex realities of today’s cultural landscape and market trends. This makes it possible to compare artists where minimal or no sales data is available.

You are invited to read the report here. We’ll see you in Cologne.