You wished, we granted.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

That is… except for the whirring, a faint inferring, occurring, whilst referring, then concurring on responding to the cause of your original spurring- an Artfacts email that arrived with a swish, hoping to learn what you truly did wish.

And what wishes you had!
We were blown away by your responses. There were so many important suggestions. Some we were already working on, but there were many others that we would have been unable to see without your help.

Just as Santa struggles, we won’t be able to make them all come true, but some of them we very much can…

Here are some of your wishes granted that what we will start to roll out in 2021:

More speed/ease with exhibition uploading and processing.
As you read this, we are redeveloping the entire dashboard, which, once finished, will indeed simplify and streamline the whole process. Hooray!

More ways to use our analytics.
A big part of this year will be dedicated to advancing our analytics tools for all collectors and researchers. They will be more playful, and most importantly, more useful! Downloadable trends anyone?

More genders for you to choose from.
This was already available for our team in our system, but it was not for you, and absolutely should be. We will implement this into the new dashboard development as well. About time.

Uploading videos
Yes, yes and yes! We will make this possible this year. Finally you will be able to upload your videos; able to shine as the entirely different art-form that they are.

There were many other important wishes we haven’t mentioned, but have heard and which we hope to introduce later. But for now, they are pinned proudly to our wall of pontification to be pondered for future progress.

Thank you again, for taking the time out of your day to help us learn and grow.

Let’s make history happen,Artfacts team,