Reflecting on 2023 – A Year of Innovation at Artfacts

As we kick off 2024, we can’t help but reflect on the remarkable progress Artfacts has made over the year just gone.

From exciting new features to long-awaited product updates, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that your experience with us continues to improve day by day, helping to create new perspectives on the ever-changing art world landscape.

To recap, here are the main launches from recent months that we’re particularly excited about:

1. The Heat Index
The introduction of Artfacts’ Heat Index offers users a compass with which to navigate the art world. Our data-driven recommendations empower collectors to make informed decisions, identifying artists with the highest ‘momentum’ scores according to Artfacts data.

This gives users the unique opportunity to discover rising stars and make strategic collecting decisions, never before possible.

These efficiencies and performance improvements enhance the database’s accuracy and relevance and enable comprehensive insights across the art market even when full data coverage is not possible.

2. Gallery Ranking

Our Gallery Ranking and its attributes are powerful tools that offer a quick and easy way to compare galleries, providing insights into their influence and success across various criteria.

Giving our users an overview of both where a gallery is placed within the context of the market, as well as what attributes have led them to arrive there, the ranking provides a comprehensive view of the wider art market, unlike anything that has existed before.

3. Database improvements
A large focus of the past year was bolstering the robustness of Artfacts’ database. We improved the real-time coverage of the data and introduced a new, strategic method of data collection that uses stratified data sampling to ensure we avoid data biases.

4. Website update
The Artfacts website has had a facelift over the last 6 months! Did you notice?! Hopefully, some of the new explanation pages (Artfacts Explained and Contributing data to name just two) will help you to navigate the site with greater ease and understand Artfacts’ offering more clearly.

We have also found ways to simplify how you navigate the site by making subsets of data more accessible. You can now explore an entire page of all the movements covered within the database, with each one linked for easy access.

Or you can peruse our curated lists which highlight thematic sections of the market, with more to come in time.

As we close the chapter on 2023, Artfacts is committed to continuous innovation and excellence in providing you with the tools and insights you need to navigate the art world with confidence. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to an art-filled 2024!

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The Artfacts Team

Headerimage by Freepik