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Have you noticed that we recently updated our Heat Index list once more?

The list helps you check the temperature of the art market with data-driven recommendations to inspire discovery.

We will be updating the list monthly, to ensure we keep you informed about some of the current hottest artists.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, when you do, you’ll notice that we’ve added a key to help you understand the trends within the list, compared to the previous iteration.

Using this key, we can now easily track who is continuing on an upward trend and who is new to the list. In celebration, let’s find out more about three of these newcomers.

As a reminder: The artists shown are those with the highest ‘momentum’ score, calculated by analysing each artist’s ranking performance over time.

The upkeepers” by Joiri Minaya, 2021, Archival pigment print. ©Joiri Minaya

Heat Index – under $10.000
Joiri Minaya(b. 1990, United States)
Global rank: 1,606
United States rank: 432
Annual Growth: 13.52%

The multi-disciplinary artist employs photography, video, installation, and performance to delve into themes of colonisation and identity and to “explore the performativity of tropical identity as product: the performance of labor, decoration, beauty, leisure, service.” One way she achieves this is by highlighting how tropical patterns have been used to exotify Caribbean women. Her work on the power and significance of patterns is exemplary.

Told you he ain’t comin” (2021) by Chase Hall. Acrylic and coffee on cotton canvas. © Chase Hall

Heat Index – between $10.000 and $50.000
Chase Hall(b.1993, United States)
Global rank: 3,851
United States rank: 861
Annual growth: 13.64%

The innovative figurative painter creates deeply personal works whilst exploring the realities of race in America. Acutely aware of the connection with colonialism and imperialism, Hall paints with coffee grounds on raw cotton. Instead of adding white paint, he leaves the canvas untouched for the negative, or highlighted, areas on his paintings, making the cotton part of the work and adding greatly to his distinct style.

Jesse Mockrin, Echo, 2023, Oil on Cotton 72 x 100 in

Heat Index – over $50.000
Jesse Mockrin
(b. 1981, United States)
Global rank: 6,056
United States rank: 1,231
Annual growth: 5.95%

Mockrin’s stunningly detailed paintings reframe works from Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo periods. They are often zoomed in to focus on one unique, oft-overlooked detail of a work, or seemingly cropped and pasted together to highlight a specific theme, representing it in a new context. Her approach breathes new life into the style of painting, utterly contemporising it, whilst reminding us that the same subjects of gender, the body, violence, sexuality, and power are just as prevalent as they always were.

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Headerimage by sansculotte