New Additions In February’s Heat List.

New Additions In February’s Heat List.

The heat list has been updated again: It’s always worth referring back to the list to find out what new artists have been added and to keep an eye on the positions of your favourite creatives.

Let’s introduce you to three of the twelve new artists added to the list this month.

Heat Index under $10.000

Lotus Laurie Kang, In Cascades (2023). Installation view, Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2023. Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London and the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver. Photo: Andy Keate

Lotus Laurie Kang(b. 1985, Canada)
Global ranking: 7,348
Canada ranking:102
Annual growth: 7.29%

Canadian-born Brooklyn-based artist, Lotus Laurie Kang caught Europe’s eye last year when she had her first European institutional solo exhibition In Cascades in London at Chisenhale Gallery. The artist created a stunning installation of massive sheets of light-sensitive, unfixed photographic film, (dubbed “skins” by the artist) hung from a steel-joist structure. To create the “skins” the artist employs a “tanning” process, where she exposes the film to different light and environments over time, as the film remains unfixed, it continues to develop during the exhibition, making the presentation feel somehow alive. The artist elaborated on this in a July 2023 Interview with Sarah Chang for ArtAsiaPacific Magazine: “For me, the film is akin to a body or bodily processes, as it’s unfixed. It conveys the state of our existence, in that we’re also porous, permeable, both leaking and absorbing. We’re continually sensitive like the film.”

You can catch more of Lotus Laurie Kang’s work in March as she is set to participate in the upcoming 2024 Whitney Biennial: Even Better Than the Real Thing at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Heat Index between $10.000 and $50.000

Selma Selman, Platinum, Performance, 2021, National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. Photo: Damir Šagolj

Selma Selman(b. 1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Global ranking: 1,504
Bosnia and Herzegovina ranking: 3
Annual growth: 5.52%

Selma Selman’s work and identity are intricately intertwined, using film and installation, the Roma artist reflects on the discrimination she and her family experience as Romani People as well as explores the contrasts between the value of the labour-heavy work that her family undertakes for their survival and her own artistic endeavours. Now based in Amsterdam, the artist and activist is focused on the “collective self-emancipation of oppressed women”. In her 2020 Installation, performance, and 3D print, A Pink Room of Her Own, the artist creates a “girl’s room” for her mother who was married at the age of 13 and therefore never had any private space of her own. Selman’s deeply personal works offer a rallying insight into a people who are given too little consideration in the cultural or social sphere. You can catch Selman’s work this summer in a solo exhibition, Selma Selman: Flowers of Life at Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, opening June 20.

Heat Index over $50.000

Susumu Kamijo, Majesties, 2022, Acrylic, flashe vinyl paint, graphite on canvas, 55 x 66 inches. Courtesy of the artist, and Jack Hanley Gallery.

Susumu Kamijo(b. 1975, Japan)
Global ranking: 4,651
Japan ranking: 122
Annual growth: 12.28%

It is not only the painting style of Japanese-born, Brooklyn-based artist Susumu Kamijo that sets him apart but his subject choice, and how he explores it: poodles. Using Oil paint, oil crayon, pencil, or vinyl paint, Kamijo astounds with the seemingly endless ways that he depicts that highly-intelligent, hypoallergenic, prancing, oh-so-very-in-vogue being; abstracting and deconstructing to focus on form, colour, and line, with each iteration more interesting than the last. His works cannot help but fascinate and delight.

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Headerimage by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash