Introducing the Artfacts Gallery Ranking

Just in time for Basel: Use Artfacts to navigate one of the most important weeks of the year, by understanding not only an artist’s position in the art world but a gallery’s.

After 20+ years of the Artfacts Artist ranking, we are beyond excited to introduce Gallery Rankings to our database. Now, just as with artists, you will be able to explore galleries based on their ranking, adding even more nuance to the overview of the art market that Artfacts provides.

It is now possible to search for galleries via rankyear establishedcity, or country.

The gallery ranking is a powerful tool that provides a fast and easy way to compare galleries, their influence, and their success with a host of different criteria. This offers insights into the dynamics of the art market, providing a deeper understanding of a gallery’s position within it, and is a valuable resource for art professionals and art lovers alike.

How does it work?

To arrange and categorise the galleries, we use an art world knowledge graph and different centrality algorithms to rank its participants. These algorithms capture not only the achievements of a gallery in relation to one another but also their connections to key art world stakeholders and take into account important factors related to their ability to discover, build and sustain talent.

The ranking incorporates criteria such as:

  • Talent Discovery – the number of top artists a gallery has shown within the artist’s first year of their career
  • Talent Representation – the number of trending artists a gallery has shown over an extended period
  • Fair Participation – the gallery’s footprint at international art fairs
  • Exhibition Programme – the gallery’s exhibition programme and the ranking of their artists

How to use it?

Here are a few ideas:
Collector: Get a quick read of a gallery’s standpoint before approaching.

Artist: Narrow down looking for gallery representation by searching via city and established year if you want to find an emerging gallery near you.

Gallery: Find your ranking and discover more about your colleagues.

Once you have used a ranking to find a gallery, delve deeper into their Artfacts profile to understand their programme and business in greater detail, with insights including:

  • Local and global gallery rank
  • The career trajectory of the gallery
  • Represented artists and their rank
  • Artist network and their peer-group
  • The gender split of artists
  • Exhibition History

The top 20 gallery ranking is available to all, with the full ranking and analytics available to paid subscribers of the Artfacts Analytics plan and above.

These added insights and analytics help to bring transparency and order to the opaque, and seemingly unstructured, art market. This in turn should help art professionals and lovers like yourself to build confidence and support your quest to discover the art that you love.

Expand the way you see art,

The Artfacts Team

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