Introducing, gallery ranking attributes!

We launched the gallery ranking earlier this year enabling users to get a quick understanding of where a gallery sits within the wider market context. In order to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to how the art world is structured, we are very excited to launch a new product update.

The ranking attributes offer a more nuanced insight into the gallery ranking and the contributing criteria. Wondering why a gallery is ranked higher than you expected? Perhaps they have a strong presence at the leading art fairs around the world. Maybe they have a great track record at discovering new talent. Now you can see this directly in the ranking table.

As a reminder, the gallery ranking algorithm measures 4 main attributes:

  • Talent Discovery (A gallery’s ability to discover artists that subsequently go on to perform at leading institutions)
  • Talent Representation (A gallery’s ability to nurture and sustain relationships with leading artists)
  • Fair Participation (A gallery’s presence at Art Fairs)
  • Exhibition Programme (The reflection of the prominence of artists within a gallery’s exhibition program)

This product update visualises each gallery’s score in these four areas, as well as detailing the artists that have contributed to their score. So now, when you’re researching a particular gallery you can build a much more detailed picture of why they are where they are in the ranking, and who are the artists they work with that are contributing to their success.

How to explore the gallery ranking attributes

Get a quick read glancing at the blue bars on the ranking table (remember you can add additional filters to the table if your subscription level allows)

Click on any gallery and go to the trends tab to see a full list of the artists contributing to their scores

You’ll need at least an Analytics or Pro subscription to get access to the full extent of the data available and see the entire gallery ranking with these insights included.


Artfacts’ Ranking algorithm: recent update

From time to time Artfacts updates the ranking algorithm to more accurately reflect the reality of the contemporary art market. We always try to address this in our newsletters and on our website. After such interventions, the ranking of many artists may change.

In addition to these updates, Artfacts adds over 100,000 new artists every year, which alongside the normal market activity means that the ranking is constantly changing. Over time the differentiation between institutions, shows and participating artist has become more granular and more reflective of the ever changing and ever growing data about the art world.

To find out more about how the Artfacts algorithm works, visit Artfacts Explained.

Expand the way you see art,

The Artfacts Team

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