Gallery Attributes – The features keep on coming

Discover the new info-rich drop-down boxes.

As the days grow ever colder, and we find ourselves retreating inside more and more, we’re pleased to announce another addition to our Gallery Attributes to keep you curious, inspired, informed, and entertained whilst the icy winds blow outside.

This week we’ve added drop-down info boxes to provide even more instantaneous insights to your Artfacts research.

Now, when you hover over the specific “Discover”“Represent” and “Fairs” attributes of a gallery on the Gallery Ranking page, a drop-down box will list the top 5 discovered artists, top 5 represented artists, and top 5 art fairs most participated in consecutively.

Each of the sections highlights in more detail some of the key factors contributing to the gallery’s success. The full list of artists is available in the trends tab.

The components contributing to the Gallery Attributes are based on recent activity, rather than the entire lifespan of the gallery, offering a concentrated and current view of the gallery’s more recent history.

Let’s see how this all works.

Looking at Blindspot Gallery, we can already ascertain that they have a significant discovery score. Now with the drop-down info box, we can immediately see that not only have they discovered artists, but at least 5 of those artists are in the top-ranked 10,000. Equally so for represented artists; at least 4 of their artists are in the top-ranked 10,000. For art fair participation, looking at the list, a solid presence in important fairs is evident. The gallery has had consistent growth since it opened.   

This detailed snapshot of the important contributing factors to a gallery’s ranking is available to Analytics, Pro, and Premium members.

The perfect excuse to finally make that upgrade, non?

Expand the way you see art,

The Artfacts Team

Headerimage by  Martin Martz on Unsplash