Introducing ArtFacts.Net Beta



Dear ArtFacts Members,

We’ve been working on taking ArtFacts to the future, and we would like to invite you to come with us. is a entirely new web app designed by ArtFacts. We have completely re-vamped our product to make it the most powerful tool of its kind, built with the latest technology, and outfitted with several new key features.

You can access with your ArtFacts membership by going to


Some of our new features include:
  • Smartphone optimized slim design
  • Super fast search (e.g. Basel)
  • Gallery and art fair rating system (e.g. Galerie Chantal CrouselArt Basel
  • Art fairs and Curators added to the listings (e.g. Gunnar B. Kvaran)
  • Bookmark option for artists, artworks, curators, galleries and museums
  • Pre-defined lists for referencing on the fly
  • Social integration 
New features are being added each week. Do you have an idea or miss something? Let us know. Our all-new agile development process allows for rapid implementation of features. 

The development of the new web app is an ongoing process. Some of you have already shared your opinion and suggestions with us, which we have reviewed in depth and implemented according to our line of work.

We encourage you to try it and send us your feedback, which is essential for us to meet your needs. Please direct questions and comments to: [email protected].

We will keep you updated with the latest innovations and launch of the new ArtFacts. And of course, we’ll see you at Art Basel 2016!

-Team ArtFacts

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