Instant Confidence in the original paintings you love.

Instant Confidence in the original paintings you love.

Remember that big news we hinted at a few weeks ago? It’s here — and just in time for perfect use London and Paris Gallery Weekends, Art Brussels Week, and Kunsttage Basel.

We wanted you to be the first to know about an exciting new venture which will be powered by Artfacts data, called Limna. Available to download for free, worldwide.

From the Latin ‘to shed light on something’, Limna will be the first AI-powered Art Advisor via a mobile app; making it easier for anyone to confidently buy art, and connecting buyers with artists and their galleries around the world.

See below for further key details on how Limna works for its users, and how it could work for you too:

Instant confidence in the art you buy
Using machine learning, Limna analyses millions of data points in seconds – tracking every exhibition, every art fair, and everything in between. Simply by entering the artist’s name, size of painting, and quoted price, Limna will let you know if it’s a good match.

Search the world’s largest range of artists
Limna allows you to validate prices and gain trend guidance from our database of more than 700,000 artists, represented by the world’s leading 16,000+ commercial galleries — all via easy-to-understand charts.

Gain art-insider intelligence
Because of the depth of Limna’s data, we can pinpoint prices of original paintings entering the market for the first time, so you know what the work you love should cost, and why. Our advice should help you achieve your goals in collecting the artists’ works that are right for you.

Buy directly from leading galleries
Once you’re confident in an artist, contact their gallery directly to make your dream a reality! If you’re not ready to do that, share your new-found knowledge with your friends for their input.

Gain confidence to own original and unique paintings and download your AI-powered Art Advisor today.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team