Finally, a profile section for galleries and institutions too.

Salutations, a time for celebrations!

Galleries and institutions finally have their very own profile section too. No more shall just the banal basics be listed under the profile tab.

Now, you too may share the very depths of your gallery’s or institution’s soul on the profile page on Artfacts… or you know, a nice little tidbit on what your gallery or institution is all about would suffice too, we suppose. 🙂

Pop in the information that you deem would be of importance to impart and to intrigue. We have no doubt that as established and professional organisations, this information is already but a mouse click and a copy + paste away. 

Still want more guidance? Have a look at this shining example from KWADRAT gallery:

Take a couple of minutes out of your day to help others find you, and learn more about you, by filling out your profile page. 

We’re looking forward to discovering even more about you!