Finally a profile page fit for curators.

It’s high time that the hard working curators on our platform received proper representation as well! The artists have it, so do the institutions and galleries, and now the very figures that connect those together will too. The newly updated Curator Profile will make it easier to find out important information about your favourite curators. How many shows they have worked on, which curators they frequently collaborate with, which artists they work with most, with which institutions, and the all important; where to see their upcoming exhibitions. 

Let’s take a fleeting glance at Italian curator, art critic, foundation director and artistic director, Massimilano Gioni

With this new profile, we can see very quickly that he has a plethora of shows under his belt, including being the curator of the 55th Venice Biennale. It’s not surprising to see that most of his shows have been curated at the New Museum, where he is the Artistic director, or that he has co-curated the most shows with Gary Carrion-Murayari, who is the Kraus Family Curator at the New Museum. Gosh, it’s nice to be able to find out so much information quickly.

Curators too, will have the Profile section on their listing; their personal space to really express who they are…and on that note: This is a call out to all you beautiful curators, sign in to artfacts, and get updating your info, we want to know what makes you tick!

We have more updates to follow, but for now, may you enjoy exploring this exciting enhancement.