Express exhibition submissions anyone?

In line with the theme of today’s newsletter, we’ll be quick. We know you’re all busy in this fast-paced world. So we’ll speed up and get straight to the point.

We know there is nothing expeditious about submitting an exhibition to Artfacts, so we’ve changed it. We’ve created an Express Submission Tool.

Now, with just one valid URL pasted into a box, and one title of the exhibition pasted into another box, you can submit an exhibition. BOOM- as easy as that. As long as the information is still live on the URL that you send us, you can submit a past, present or future exhibition.

Should you wish or need to submit an exhibition that is not listed online, don’t worry, the option to submit as you always have is still there for you too.

The new Express Submission Tool is designed to make your life easier submitting, and ours easier processing. Ideally this will eventually establish a faster exhibition acceptance rate, but it does not mean that the moment an exhibition is submitted, that it would automatically be accepted and added to our database immediately. Sorry to dash your hopes, folks.

Of course, if you do want your submissions processed swiftly, what better time than now to take advantage of a 25% discount for an Artfacts subscription. Use code EXPRESS2021 valid until Nov 14, Midday CET.


Either way, hooray for being able to submit an exhibition with simplicity and speed, we’re looking forward to receiving lots of new exhibitions; get to it- test it out!

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team