Double uploads.

A change for the better!

There’s so much bad news to be bombarded with daily, so here is a little adjustment that might make your day just a teeny, tiny bit better…

By now, you’ll be able to ascertain that we’re constantly working on updates for our website. What you may not realise, is that a lot of the ideas for these improvements come directly from listening to you, our users. 

Today is one such day.

We hear you. 10 fast-track uploads a year? Not enough.
Which is why we’ve decided to double the amount. From now on, those on the Starter plan, and those who choose to sign up to the Starter plan, will enjoy 20 fast-track uploads peryear.

That means, more exhibitions uploaded to your profile, much, much faster. Resulting in more information available on your profile and therefore included in the algorithm that decides your ranking.

Why do uploads take so long otherwise?
We’re a small multifarious team and there is a tremendous amount more of you than there are of us. Every single uploaded exhibition has to be fact-checked by our team.

We’re a bit slower than our friend 101010101010110101, but we make sense of all the parts of art that coding never could. We make sure the information is right, which is integral to making Artfacts fair.