Bulgarian artists creating curiosities in local and international scenes

It’s time for another “Top Artists from” feature, and this week we’re travelling South-east (if you’re North-west of there that is) to Bulgaria.

Both of the artists’ works are thought-provoking and a little quirky, proving that Bulgaria can deliver the goods- despite still not having a Museum of Contemporary Art, a point made aware to us by one of the featured artists.

Ivan Moudov
Ranked 4 in Bulgaria, 2069 Globally

Ivan Moudov – Fragments box 3, 2003, Handmade box, stolen fragments

Represented by Galerie Alberta PaneGalerie Ernst HilgerPromoteo Gallery, ArtericambiAccording to our collected data Moudov is the most shown Bulgarian artist, and his style falls under our new period classification of “Ultra Contemporary”. Based in Sofia, Moudov is known for his playfully provocative offerings, in which he challenges the social, political and arts scenes to which he belongs.

Within his creative practice he utilises photography, performance, video, action art, objects and installation art. He’s had glory- holes built in galleries, in the plundering spirit of the colonial era he’s stolen artworks and “fragments” to bring home to display, (though he sends the pieces back eventually), and he’s had legal documents drafted to open a Museum of Contemporary Art (only to be hindered by the fact that a museum in Bulgaria must have a work worth over 200,000€ over 50 years old).

Moudov seems dedicated to enriching his nation’s cultural scene one prank at a time.

Oda Jaune
Ranked 8 in Bulgaria, 3038 Globally

Oda Jaune – Fleurs, 2015, oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cms

Represented by Galerie Daniel Templon. Born Michaela Danowska, and based in Paris since 2008, Jaune’s style of work also falls into our new period classification of “Ultra Contemporary”.

Her painted works are both grotesque and beautiful, enticing as they unsettle. Her often used soft colour palette adds a gentleness, which encourages empathy for the beings that she depicts. Her works offer an answer for the distorted times we live in.

Jaune studied under and married the German Artist Jörg Immendorff, but her recognition requires no reference to her past husband, having deservedly carved out a career all of her own.

If you’d like to learn more about her, she is also featured in a documentary film, “Wer ist Oda Jaune” 2016 by Kamilla Pfeffer.

Moudov’s ranking has been consistent for the duration of his career and started at an elevated level- most likely due to his early participation in Biennials.

Jaunes‘ ranking has been consistent for the last 10 years, and had its most notable increase between 2006-2007, perhaps due to a number of solo shows she had in that period.

Regardless of their rankings, the two make inspired work and we look forward to seeing that they produce in the years to come.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team