Beta Update: November



Dear ArtFacts Members,

It’s unbelievable how fast this year has gone by! We’re on a developmental roll with Beta and couldn’t be more elated as we near the big leap. It’s been our goal from day one to create the most accurate and comprehensive database of artists and exhibitions in the world – and we’re well on our way to achieving that. Thanks to your feedback, it will also be one of the most practical and streamlined sites for our users.

This month we’re introducing two new editions to the Toolbox and our improved ranking explanation. To access Beta you can log in with your regular ArtFacts username and password. Without further ado, this one’s for you

Last month we unveiled our Artwork and Media Library tools, and this month we’re announcing two key tools that will accompany them. Like with our Artwork and Media Library tools, our team of fact-checkers comb over any entered data to ensure it’s completely accurate.

Artist Tool
This tool allows you as an artist to enter substantial information on your ArtFacts profile. For example: media, movements, more than one nationality, where you live and work, your website, your gender, or alias name. This tool is much more comprehensive and gives you more flexibility over the information you submit.

Exhibition Tool
Welcome to the Exhibition tool. Using the same system as the Artist tool, you can enter details about any exhibitions, including the description, as well as upload images from the event. 

Simply click on the above links to get started.

Ranking Explanation
The ranking explanation is everything you ever wanted to know about how ArtFacts works, packaged up neatly with a bow on top. We’ve created a graph to illustrate how we wrangle our data. And without revealing our secrets, we tell you how we’ve generated the new and improved artist ranking. This explanation is the basis of all our findings. Simply hover over the information icon and a pop-out will do the talking.

We want to know, how do you use Beta? And what do you want Beta to do for you? Now is the time to test it to the limit and let us know how exactly we’re doing. As always we invite you to contribute any thoughts or suggestions and send them to [email protected].

Until next time,
Team ArtFacts