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ArtFacts.Net is a professional service helping to find fact-checked profiles from artists and curators as well as public and private art institutions. We believe that transparency is needed to generate “trust” in the art you are interested in.

To deepen our relation to the professionals we offer the possibility to “claim” your profile. Whether you are an artist, curator or represent an institution we invite you to link your account to your public page on ArtFacts.Net.

Owning your public profile is free of charge and allows you to view all analytical details relating to your data stored in ArtFacts.Net.

Once profile is claimed you can see all your details

A claimed profile allows you to manage your Exhibition History and your Artworks more easily. Control, access and engagement are good reasons to hook yourself up with ArtFacts.Net

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Marek Claassen

Marek Claassen, Founder and Managing Director ArtFacts.Net Group