Top 10 Galleries Exhibiting at Beirut Art Fair 2018

Beirut Art Fair is happening now till the 23rd of September. To help navigate your way through the fair, ArtFacts.Net provides you with a TOP 10 List according to our Gallery Ranking. The TOP 10 Galleries exhibiting at Beirut ArtFair include; in SITU/Fabienne Leclerc, Galerie Tanit – Munich, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Mazel Galerie, Gowen Contemporary, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Loft Art Gallery, Galerie Lefebvre & Fils and Aida Cherfan Fine Art.

Gallery list in order of Ranking

in SITU/Fabienne Leclerc | Paris | Established
Galerie Tanit – Munich | Munich | Established
Galerie Dominique Fiat | Paris | Established
Galerie Janine Rubeiz | Beirut | Established
Mazel Galerie | Brussels | Established
Gowen Contemporary | Geneva | Established
Galerie Vanessa Quang | Paris | Established
Loft Art Gallery | Casablanca | Established
Galerie Lefebvre & Fils | Paris | Established
Aida Cherfan Fine Art | Beirut | Established

Since its creation in 2010, BEIRUT ART FAIR has become an international artistic event that attracts an ever greater number of visitors to Lebanon: professionals and art lovers from the region and from around the world. The organizers have decided to highlight this evolution by putting together a selection committee that reflects the quality of the Fair. BEIRUT ART FAIR 2018 will feature 51 art galleries from 20 countries, exhibiting 250 artists with more than 1,600 artworks. During the last 8 years, BEIRUT ART FAIR has served to both spotlight and reinforce a dynamic art market that today finds itself in full expansion, both in Lebanon and in the broader ME.NA. region.

Beirut Art Fair 2018
20th – 23rd September 2018
Seaside Arena New Waterfront