Three of the Most Viewed Profiles On Artfacts

Ultra-Contemporary artists capturing our attention.

When considering the most-viewed profiles on Artfacts, one wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of art-world celebrities such as Gerhard RichterYayoi KusamaAndy Warhol, and Banksy, who all appear at the top of the list. But what happens when we consider artists beyond the top-ranked 1000? A very different picture is painted as it becomes evident that our audience’s attention also appears to be directed toward ultra-contemporary artists.

To give you an idea of who you’re all looking at currently, here are three of the most viewed profiles on Artfacts within the last two weeks.

Mehryl Ferri Levisse 
(b. 1985)
Global Ranking: 2,383
Italy Ranking: 105
France Ranking:189
Verified Shows: 92

Based between Casablanca and Revin, Levisse explores boundaries, archetypal representations of the body, and in particular the subjectivity and identity related to queer experience, through mediums such as photography, installation, and performance.

Mehryl Ferri Levisse, π 2, 2021, performance

“Serving as emcee, the artist orchestrates space to question the limits of the body and the societal codes that constitute how we behave.”

You can catch his work in a number of upcoming exhibitions including the current group show Histoires vraies at MAC VAL- Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, just outside of Paris, until September 17.

Boryana Petkova
(b. 1985, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Global Ranking: 10,089
Bulgaria Ranking: 28
Verified shows: 45

Bulgarian Born, Paris-based artist Boryana Petkova works with drawing, performance, sculpture, and installation. Her drawings are closely linked with her performances; her work, which is delicate, detailed, and deeply considered, is often feminist-led and explores the multiplicity of perspective, and the ways in which we inhibit ourselves.

Boryana Petkova, GUARDIAN II, 2021, glass sculpture, wall drawing, graphite, pencil, 220 x 400 x 300 cm

Her work can be seen currently in the group exhibition Printemps silencieux as part of the Frac Picardie collection at the Maison de l’Architecture des Hauts-de-France, until June 30.

Alessandro Giannì
(b.1989, Rome, Italy)
Global Ranking: 25,901
Italy Ranking: 823
Verified Shows: 25

Born and based in Rome, painter and digital artist Alessandro Giannì creates his works by collecting “aesthetic fragments” from the web and working with the AI he created, Vasari, to compose new sketches to inspire his paintings. His delightfully surreal cut-and-paste compositions blend Renaissance-style painting with bold colours and dreamlike digital worlds, and offer a very different approach to the AI Art that is dominating art world conversation at the moment.

Alessandro Giannì, Breaking Darkness, 2022, oil on canvas, 200 x 250 x 3 cm

His solo exhibition, Alessandro Giannì: Breaking Darkness, at Tang Contemporary Art in Bangkok closed recently.

All three of these artists have positive annual growth between 18 and 36%, signifying increased recognition in their work – it’s no wonder they are being viewed on Artfacts.

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Headerimage by Darya Jum on Unsplash

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