The top 9 galleries representing mostly national artists

For our third edition in our data-diving series, we take a look at galleries that are more focused on representing artists from their home nation. 

 With such a large population, and such a thriving art scene, it’s perhaps not very surprising to see that 9 out of 10 of the galleries are based in the United States. The top 9 galleries representing mostly national artists (more than 50%). Listed in order of percentage of national representation, not ranking.

Woodward Gallery
New York City
Established 1994
Ranked 304 globally, 97 in United States
9/12 artists

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
Santa Fe, NMEstablished 2005
Ranked 501 globally, 148 in United States
23/33 artists

Stern-Wywiol Galerie
Established 2012
Ranked 921 globally,176 in Germany
6/9 artists

Hirschl & Adler Galleries
New York CityEstablished 1952
Ranked 652 globally, 187 in United States
13/20 artists

Jerald Melberg Gallery
Charlotte, NC
Established 1983
Ranked 472 globally, 142 in United States
17/27 artists

Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica,Ca Established 1979
Ranked 863 globally, 233 in United States
21/34 artists

Reynolds Gallery
Richmond,VA, Established 1977
Ranked 309 globally, 98 in United States
28/51 artists

Liang Gallery
Established 1993
Ranked 465 globally, 2 in Taiwan
31/58 artists

Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA 
Established 1983
Ranked 632 globally, 180 in United States
19/37 artists

And that’s our data diving for today- certainly very helpful if you happen to be focused on purchasing art made by artists from the United States, or if you happen to be an american artist looking for galleries that may be more likely to represent you.

Let’s make history happen.

The Artfacts Team