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Good news! We’ve updated our Gallery Ranking page on Mobile, so that now you can access all of the gallery attributes on the go too. Whilst scrolling through our gallery ranking list you can click on any of the galleries to see the data-rich information we have on them.

Perhaps you’re interested in a gallery that exhibits tomorrow’s stars in the first year of their career? Currently taking first place in the Discovery attribute is the LA based, Night Gallery. At just 10 years old the gallery has done exceptionally well at curating exhibitions with up-and-coming artists very early on in their career, in fact 58% of the artists they exhibited are aged between 20-40 years old.

Curious to see who those artists are? Click on the “Discover” section of the gallery’s listing, and you can see the top 5 artists that it exhibited which contributed to that score.

Wondering which gallery has shown trending artists over a sustained period of time? Gagosian takes first place, but with 44 years, multiple locations and some of the biggest names in art, it’s perhaps not such a surprise, though still an impressive feat. Understandably, the older the gallery, and the more branches, the more opportunities it has had to continue to exhibit an artist. So instead, inspired by Night Gallery’s age, we’ll change the search filter and look at galleries 10 years or younger.

With this new filter, LA’s Nino Mier Gallery are leading the charge. The top artists they have represented the most are all mature, well established artists, with 49% of their exhibited artists aged between 20-60 years old. On a less positive note, we would be remiss not to mention the headlines featuring the gallery just this week; detailing an accusation that the gallery “underpaid multiple artists and pocketed the difference”.

Pondering fair presence? With branches around the globe, and at 24 years old Galerie Perrotin takes the cake with presence at at least 20 Art Basel Miami Beach’s and Frieze London’s amongst others. Based in Bogota, and with a New York City branch, Instituto de Visión leads the 10 year old galleries with 9 participations in both Art Basel Miami Beach and Frieze amongst others.

You never know when you’ll be at a fair, or wandering past a gallery and wish to pull up some handy fast facts on a gallery. The new mobile updates make it that much easier.

Expand the way you see art,

The Artfacts Team

Headerimage by Noble Mitchell on Unsplash