Beta Update: September



Dear ArtFacts Members,

We heard your feedback loud and clear and we’ve been hard at work implementing your suggestions. This month we’d like to showcase three new developments: Geo-finder, the Historical Ranking, and the new and improved Start Page.

Geo-finder is a new feature that lets you see Exhibitions Near You. Simply allow beta to use your location and receive a custom list of shows taking place right now. When you visit the page of the exhibition, simply click on the name of the venue to open Google maps and get directions. This feature aims to streamline the gallery-hopping process; no extra research required.

The new ArtFacts Historical Artist Ranking spans a time frame of 153 yearsThis longer time frame is the main and most important difference between the Artist Ranking on the legacy web site, which spanned only 20 years, and the Historical Artist Ranking on the new web app. 

The second most important improvement of the Historical Artist Ranking is the focus on each exhibition as a single ranking relevant entity. This means that every single exhibition in the ranking algorithm delivers different points to the artist’s personal ranking account. Whereas the former legacy ranking was dependent on the institution’s reputation, and exhibitions received the same points.

The longer time frame, combined with the sharpening of our exhibition ranking attributes, result in a remarkably more comprehensive and accurate ranking.

Last but not least, we’ve updated our Start Page with suggested topics for beta users. If you’re not sure where to begin, allow us to make some suggestions based on our lists. As always, we encourage you to “like” your favorite artists to see them show up on your Most Followed Artists feed.

In addition you’ll now see a list of discovery topics including art fairs, the Top 100 Artists, Top 100 Institutions, and Top 100 Galleries. Part of what makes the new ArtFacts so comprehensive is our ability to filter results based on a multitude of attributes. When you click on “Discover More”, you’ll be taken to our Quick Facts page which suggests everything from the Top 100 Female Artists to the more obscure Artists Who Died In Spring in Paris. No matter the extensiveness of your inquiry, we have the tools to provide the answers. Simply click to start exploring.

Don’t see your idea just yet? We encourage you to let us know how you use ArtFacts and send us your feedback, which is essential for us to meet your needs. Please direct questions and comments to: [email protected].

As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest innovations and launch of the new ArtFacts. See you next month!

-Team ArtFacts